I'm trying to build an app that will run on the pi, that will take user input and activate gpio output points accordingly. I've built a python script for operating the gpio points, but not sure how to build and then integrate a user interface app. This user interface will consist of pushbutton, numeric, and string inputs. I would ultimately like to operate this user app remotely (from windows pc's or smartphones on the same network), but that is not critical at the moment.
I've seen links for several different development gui apps: Qt, Glade, PyQt etc. Not sure which is best suited. I prefer to do the development on a Windows pc, then deploy to the pi, as opposed to developing on the pi itself. I'm set up using Samba so I can edit my python script on the pi using PyCharm running on my pc. Would like to do this using gui development also, if possible.Any suggestions / input greatly appreciated.

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